Links to articles and resources about Millennials and Generation Z

"Millennials in the Workplace: Hungry for Office Perks or Something More?" Snack Nation: Healthier Snacks Delivered


"Millennials thinking outside the cubicle"  12/14/14  Star Tribune


"Debunking the Workplace Generation Conflict Gap Myth Once and For All" 11/16/14  Fast Company


MiLLENNial Magazine:  The Life Magazine of this era. Featuring global Millennials creating change.


"What Everyone Gets Wrong About Millennials and Home Buying"  11/12/14  Time 


"Next Year Millennials Will Become the Majority of the Workforce. What Does that Mean for Employee Training?"  11/11/2014  Panopto


"Millennials will account for 75% of workforce by 2025 but many employers still stuck in analogue mode says Telefonica"  11/11/14  The Drum Modern Marketing


MTV tries to conquer YouTube and engage Millennials and GenerationZ with its first original YouTube channel, 'Braless'.  11/5/2014 


“Millennials will become the majority in the workforce in 2015. Is your company ready?”


"Marriott Hotels Woos Millennials with Mobile Apps and Wireless Charging"  11/2/14


Check out the results of Fusion's massive poll of Millennials on election issues 10/9/14 


“Festivals are becoming the national pastime for Americas Millennials”


Generation Z:  Creating world-changing innovations by the age of...11??                         9/25/14  The Globe and Mail


"African Millennials are reminding the world how to use social media to build communities around specific interests and challenges" 
9/14/14  Africonnection 


"Generations Are an Invention - Here's how they came to be" 
9/11/14  The Atlantic


"China's Millennials:  How the East will win"
9/4/14 How cool brands stay hot


"Hollywood's Old-Time Star Makers Are Swooping In on YouTube's Party"  
9/1/14  The New York Times


"Aeropostale Rebrands to Meet Millennial Needs" 7/23/14


“39 of the most interesting facts about Generation Z”


“How Generation X will save the world”
4/10/14  Scholars and Rogues


"She was 14 years old when she invented this machine"  
2/14/14 The Better India