Are Millennials and GenZ changing advertising? Yes!

I guest lectured at St. Cloud State University recently and and was asked this question:

Can advertising be a win-win for business and consumers?

This presentation is my response. (Hint: My answer is, Yes! Especially with the kinds of changes the Millennials and GenerationZ are driving!)

Several videos were included in the original Keynote version. Here is a list of links to them and explanations of which slides they correspond to:

Video #1 plays after Slide 13 ('Because it looks like this.') 

Video #2 plays after Slide 30 ('Updated in 2006.') 

Video #3 plays after Slide 40 ('TOMS Shoes.') 

Video #4 plays after Slide 41 ('Soap Box Soaps.') 

Video # 5 plays after Slide 54 ('Generation Z advertisements will look like.')